Adding Arbitrator To Careers With Law Degree

Adding Arbitrator To Careers With Law Degree

When we go through upper or senior school, we are asked many times, ‘what do you want to do when you leave school. . . ‘ It’s a really difficult question to pose to a teenager – many have absolutely no idea what they might fancy doing in ten years time.  Unless a youngster comes from a family that has long connetions with a particular career, then they may not necessarily think of taking up medicine or law for example.  But taking a law degree could open up so many career options.   You can break this down further by looking at jobs directly related to a law degree such as becoming an arbitrator – this is a relatively new career.  Arbitration is one of several ways legal disputes can be resolved without going hrough the courts or involving international boundaries.  It’s a voluntary means of all sides in a dispute agreeing to follow any final deciion made.  The arbitrator is the neutral middle person who makes decisions on the evidence present by all the parties.  Their decision is not always legally binding but in cases where it is, any party feeling the other/s have dfaulted on that agreement has recourse through the courts.

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