22 May

Beautiful New Combined Court Attracts Top Staff

On a day trip to Cambridge city centre recently, I was sturck by how attractive the newly opened combined court house is.   It was opened as a working court only two or three years ago and it placed right slap bang in the middle of the very attractive new shopping mall.  Such an ingenious idea.  Although it must be pretty disracting during a high level cases, thinkig about all the fantastic shopping experiences to be had in breaktimes.  We usually hated adjournments because they disruped programes but those shops and apartments would definitely offset that.  There must be a queue of folk wanting to be recruited to the combined court – be it ushers, court managers, paper keepers and case officers.  What a delight to be able to go to work every day in such an inspring and uplifting building.   Judges and the judiciary of course cannot pick and choose – they go where they are sent!