Benefits Of Taking Commercial Bar For Career

Benefits Of Taking Commercial Bar For Career

A commercial barrister is a specialist lawyer who deals with very complex legal disputes and often will be responsible for presenting the arguments in court.  They specialise in legal issues surrounding the broad field of business and finance, often attracting very vigorous activity on both sides.  Choosing a career as a commercial barrister requires a lively and varied intelect.  It can be one of the highest paid sectors of the legal profession.   Although at first the idea of commercial law may not set the heart beating, there are many benefits :  The chance to become a specialist advocate, with all the complex problems that crop up across commercial situations – cross examining witnesses that requires that intelect.  There is the independence and element of control over when and the circustances you choose to work.  There is often travel to centres of international finance and business i.e. Hong Kong, New York, Dubai etc and other offshore jurisdictions.   There is also the opportunity to offer pro-bono services on behalf of those in serious need of assistance but without necessary funds.

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