16 Dec

Choosing A Career Benefits From Helping Hand

At a time when all students preparing to sit final exams at upper school, the choice would always be dependant on what the hoped for university place would need.  Do they call for two As and a B or will a wider range suffice . .   In fact, everything about the subject choices and examinations are geared entirely on getting as many students as possible out of the school and into university, regardless of whether that is really the best option for the individual child.

For previous generations, the job often selected the student rather than the other way round, no university degree needed to take a job in local industry.  Many an ambition must have been thwarted with lack of alternative career knowledge for so many young people.  Today the world calls out for bright young students and good careers advice is more relevant than ever.  Browsing sites that offer job advice will never be time wasted.