10 Jan

Choosing Legal Cover Carefully Is So Critical

Years ago when involved with cases to industrial tribunals and resolutions, one of the most common queries from callers was to ask who would be their nominated legal representative.  Having informed the caller that no legal cover was actually provided, a lengthy silence was followed by wailing and then demands to know how they were to present their claim without help. etc etc.  The response back was to ask if they have comprehensive household insurance and to check if they had any form of legal cover included.  If so, they were to put their case to the legal department forthwith for them to handle.

It is critical these days to ensure legal cover is available on all our insurance policies.   It is the only feasible way to ensure top notch legal assistance is there when we need it.  Entering a claim after receiving considered opinions from the know-it-all  ‘pub lawyers’ has had it’s day!