05 Jan

County Curtain Twitchers Act On Evidence Seen

I  have had a great Christmas.  I stayed with family friends and they live in the middle of nowhere – literally.  There we were, toasty warm in their gorgeous country cottage, only going out for walk if there was a doggy companion jining in.  In the village where everyone knows absolutely everyone, it is interesting to see the curtains twitch if a visitor goes out walking without any of the host family.  This can be quite a good thing in many ways though because if the twitchers are as observant regarding the ‘foreigners’ clothing and gear, as they are about his prescence, then if a crime is committed, at least someone should be able to describe the stranger to the police.  Any evidence is needed for all crimes, but in the country, it takes so long for soco to attend, memories start to fade or drift into one another.