17 Apr

Ever Increasing Dispute Resolution Skills Needed

I was in my local high street the other day, mindlessly glancing in all the shop windows.  Passing a well known and obviously busy, prosperous legal firm, I was intrigued to see a touch screen had recently been planted in their front window.  It invited passers-by to tap on an icon to read up what that firm could offer in terms of legal cover.   I was even more astonished to see the massive range of topics that can be taken to a court of law these days.  At one time your local solicitor would handle divorces (discretion assured), house conveyancing, probate and advice on other issues.  Today that very same local family solitor has had to join a massive multi partner operation who can offer specialisms in Employment & Arbitration, Travel Recovery, Motoring,  Domestic and Family Dispute Resolution, Corporation Dispute Resolution – all this on top of the original conveyancing, family will writing, divorce  and ordinary crime!