Family Law Needs New Bloodstock To Train

Family Law Needs New Bloodstock To Train

We are now living in a very agressively litigant world and it seems very much the norm for folks to resort to the local courts to settle disagreements rather than tackle the odd fall out themselves ‘over the garden fence’. At one time the only way to sort out a problem amongst the neighbours was literally to go round and sort it out, usually over a strong cup of tea.  We don’t know our neighbours in the same way anymore.  In fact, many people live in the same cul de sac or avenue and never think of going round to the neighbour to say hi, or to invite them round for a drink, or even supper.  The massive selection of entertainment ideas and availability of electronic devices means that families ar not so together anymore and there’s not the friendly banter between them.  We older folk think that the millennial generation are far too easily bruised verbally – in fact they are very often referred to as snow flakes – so easily hurt and can’t stand up to any kind of discussion, let alone conflict or argument even.  So the sher number of cases going to court is higher these days.  This needs a robust system of justice and many more solicitors out in the provinces.  This job now needs to be very wide ranging  with the ability to take a case and literally run with it.  Good training up front is essential to become a successful family law specialist.

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