How Busy Clerks to Chambers Still Entertains

How Busy Clerks to Chambers Still Entertains

There are so many careers that can be adopted in the UK legal system.  Not everyone in a courtroom or tribunal room will have had legal training, in fact a surprising few of the officials will have.  Some of the barristers are very  well to do and have fleets of minions to do their running about.  Watching Rumpole of the Bailey was a true favourite for me.  Seeing their clerk to the chambers rushing about trying to fairly distribute the briefs (outline cases) to the right barrister was always amusing.  In real life it is just as hectic in the chambers office but with less shouting and argy bargy!  Its done electronically now.  But in the good old days you would have lead barrister and a junior – not always a trainee, but another barrister not as well up in the pecking order.   There are clear demarkation lines too, some folk dealt only with criminal cases, i.e. Rumpole.  His head of chambers wanted them to branch out and take on some posher cases not dealing with criminals at all.  Oh it was a joy to watch.

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