05 Feb

Inspiring Careers Advice Is Critical To Success

When thinking about careers for the long term, the schools have some very good schemes in place.  During the 1990s the students went on ‘work experience’ with various local firms who had signed up to the government scheme to provide one or two weeks real work alongside their teams of staff.  This was obligatory in state schools and was to give an idea of what the job would be like if a student chose banking, retail, farming etc.  One youngster very close to me wanted to be a military musician, after a very inspiring promotional tour by a group from a branch of the Household Cavalry.  That placement involved her being chaperoned by two lady band members from the Irish Guards as the HC had no womens’ quarters!  However the work itself was fantastic.

The same experience can be had with legal teams, with students sitting in on court cases and helping with the mountain of legal documentation en route.