09 Nov

Keeping QC In The Family Career Plan

I have a young family next to me – the children are delightful.  Inquisitive, confident, able to hold a proper conversation and a willingness to answer a question without hesitating or stuttering.   It is  plain to see that both children have had lots of quality time lavished on them for reading, talking, and arguing for a cause!  I don’t think either of these children will be bullied at school by other children and certainly not by any teacher !    When I asked the elder child what she thought she might like to do after school, she said immediately QC.  The only QC I know is Queen’s Counsel, so I asked how she came to think this was her calling.  It turns out she has an aunt on her mum’s side who is just such a person and they are all understandably proud of this.  An unusual role model for her young niece and nephew but such a change from being a popster wannabee!