13 Feb

Knowing What Legal Advice You Need Can Be Baffling

When you have any kind of dispute, be it with your employer, a neighbour, a driver after a motoring mishap, there will more often than not come a form of court case – there are various stages of ediation offered in some heads of claim and dispute resolution for others.   The world of law is very complex and without correct legal advice up front, it is possible to get into a dreadful tangle.  One of the first questions for any claimant in an employment tribunal would be whether they have household content insurance, if so, that could well include an element for legal cover.  This is reassuring as it means a claim can be given legal consideration once the parameters are sorted out.   Getting the right advice is critical and knowing where to find it even more so.  For uninsured claims, then sourcing online and speaking to a company can help you decide if you want to pursue a claim.