22 Nov

Legal Eagle To My Learned Lords & Ladies

Many careers have a multiple routes to follow and when a youngster is asked what they want to do when they leave school, they will have only a very basic idea of what they think they’ll be doing in five or ten years time.  Very often they’ll be doing nothing of the sort but there are some very dedicated families with career paths laid out.  Law is one such path.  However, there are many ways of achieving a profession in the law.  Going to law school and becoming a jobbing solicitor is one major step – then if the correct, very formal steps are taken, it’s possible to get a training contract to become a barrister – in court being referred to as ‘my learned friend’ etc.    Later on after a hopefully illustrious & unblemished career, a good barrister can be selected to be appointed as a judge.   The most senior judges are Lords and Ladies of the high court.