New Head Of Courts & Country – King Reigns

New Head Of Courts & Country – King Reigns

After the passing of our beloved sovereign and her wonderful funeral, all the administrative changes are having to take place with respect to the court sessions and titles of some of the key players.  I was looking at the newest judicial information page on their official website yesterday and of course, what used to be called Queen’s bench, Queen’s Counsel etc are now returned to the previously very familiar King’s bench and King’s Counsel.    It sounds so odd, KC instead of QC.  We will get used to it I’m sure and everyone wanting a career in the law will already be familiarising themselves with any changes occurring in their sector.

We also had news yesterday of the King’s new cypher, which is plainer but no less impressive.  This will grace and adorn all his legal documents and everything that comes out of his official office.    Another thing, we will be getting new coins and banknotes -but because all our current stocks are still ok, these won’t be replaced immediately.

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