18 Oct

Perhaps Rumpole Of The Bailey Inspired Law Students

With the world of litigation getting every more complex, and busy, there are many more careers out there to be considered by anyone taking up ‘law’ when they leave school.  In fact, the word law does seem a particulary small word to cover a massive industry.  Most people think of solicitors and court room scenes from powerful programmes on the tv.  Thinking back to Rumpole Of The Bailey – this character is played supberly be an australian actor called Leo McKern, a cummudgenly old barrister from a very good chambers, and who’s wife is the daughter of a very very emminent law Judge from a generation before.  They covered many different story lines in the one hour a week series that lasted many years.  Each case was neatly portrayed, acted out, fought across the lines by Counsel for the  Prosecution making their attack and old Rumpole – always Counsel for the Defence.  I wonder how many law degrees were started off by hopes of being the next Rumpole?!