02 Jan

Read Signs Before Acting Must Rate Higher On ‘To Do’ List

There are many stories in the press and on social media about young folk who get into some kind of trouble on their first ‘wander’ around the big wide world.   I have been reading up on a young woman who was in Thailand at a well known student community meeting stop over.  she was fresh out of uni, on her first solo adventure.   Seeing the swimming pool inviting her to cool off, she didn’t look around sufficiently – so did not see the notices advising shallow water – no diving.  She dived in and broke her neck.  Her insurance company – a cheap and cheerful no frills one, has refused to pay out because she took part in a risky activity . . . .  it’s not clear at this stage whether it was just diving into a swimming pool, or not seeing the warning signs before diving in.  Anyway she has needed legal help.  The general public have donated enough to pay her medical fees so far and get her flown home.