10 Sep

Retraining After Children Can Be So Rewarding

One of my cohort of pals from school has recently taken up a new career – having studied law at uni, she then didn’t get herself a training contract and so couldn’t go to practice, as she had always planned all the way through school.  She did various other things which were very interesting it is true, but not as rewarding in her mind as she thought being a barrister would have been.

After a few years of juggling family and part time work for the council legal department as an adviser and administrator, she decided to become a legal executive.  This has been the making of her – my word we have seen such a change in her confidence and general satisfaction with her life and herself.  No longer is she always apologetic about not being able to do this or that, she has now achieved something amazing, when it was less easy to do.  Congrats to that lady!