Secretarial Discretion & Discretion Paramount

Secretarial Discretion & Discretion Paramount

There are many jobs within the legal profession in the UK.  The more glamorous as lawyers and barristers of course show the profession as one that the world in general accept as some of the best examples in the world.    For every one of those jobs come several additional tasks that have to be carried out in support of those principal roles.    A critical role within the secretarial side is that of private secretary to the Judiciary – where the dealing with just the judges, their workload, case administration and training were all handled in one section by someone with the ability to remain completely impartial, can keep absolute confidentiality, and be totally discrete.   There are circumstances when a losing claimant makes a complaint – usually suggesting the judge was biased against them and other such nonsense.   This is obviously a very serious allegation and has to be followed up in every such situation.   A judicial support secretary will handle these matters in a very specialised manner, with very tight reporting timelines so that no part of it slips and gets forgotten.

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