Taking Up Training To Be A Legal Secretary

Taking Up Training To Be A Legal Secretary

There are a few ways to get into law and the legal professsion.  Not everyone wants to be or is suited to being a solicitor or barrister.  The post of legal secretary is very important within a set of chambers.  Legal secretaries take foundation and advanced training courses through their own institute which is rcognised by the vast majority of legal establishments throughout the UK and overseas.    The Founation level which is a certification course is sutable for someone wanting to gain insights into civil litigation;  family law;  land law and conveyancing and finally, the fascinating combination of wills, probate and administration.    After this achievement, now the interest has been generated, there is the advanced level which is a diploma.  The subjects available are civil litigation, corporate and commercial law, criminal law, family law, land law & conveyancing and wills, probate & administration.    The beauty of doing the institute’s own courses are that ou can study in your own time at your pace.  A truly rewarding and fulfilling career awaits!

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