07 Apr

The Niceties Of The Legal Profession Still Stand

One or two of my past PA roles in legal work have taken me into the realms of tribunals and before that, with completion work on land conveyance and preparing the files for putting away.  In each area of business that I had connections with, I was always struck by how nice and caring the judicial members were.  One of my areas of responsibility required me to deal with complaints – only ever from the side that lost a battle, no one who wins a case ever finds fault with the judiciary.  The usual cry was that the judge was biased or just unfair.  This was always a challenge, having to contact various parties who had also attended the same hearing, from whichever side of the argument.

Without exception the care and time that each member spent on providing fair and unbiased versions of the tale  always impressed me.  The legal profession has always been a good career path – and definitely still is!