26 Oct

Unbiased & Unflinchingly Honest Judiciary

The one thing about the legal system in this country is it’s ancient traditions.  Very few folk mind the strange outfits the judiciary don, particularly when they’re attending the annual gatherings with the Queen or prime minister – they are seen in their silks and ermine atopped with a small wig.  It does look rediculous but these ceremonies are all part of the deal.  Tradition and the way we adjudicate over here in the UK have been recognised world wide as a very fair and just way of behaving.  Our  solicitors are trained to the highest level at law school within universities.  They practice and get expert in particular fields.  Some barristers become celebrities through winning high profile cases or highlighting civil liberties.  On the whole, when you engage a legal team, you can be sure they will do their utmost to win you a very satisfactory outcome.   Having worked in one sector, I know how unbiased those judges are.