28 Dec

When Family Fall Outs Get Seriously Out Of Hand

There are a few families for whom Christmas is not the happiest time of their year.  The propensity  to over indulge with alcohol does have a damaging effect on family happiness and the chances of arguments and fights occuring increases by 100 percent.  Very often this can include neighbours  – perhaps a silly disagreement over who should be allowed to park where outside properties.  Maybe someone has  their music blaring out a little too loudly.  Keeping the family dog out in the garden for hours, so the poor thing gets bored and barks for ever . . . . .  that’s enough to start a mini war.  All these irritations can boil over and before long someone is in deep trouble for violent behaviour.  Knowing where to get advice and assistance in such cases is critical for the well being of the rest of the family.   Comprehensive household insurance often includes legal cover – very necessary in getting help in such dire circumstances.