Happy Memories of Best Law Based Job

Happy Memories of Best Law Based Job

There are many different careers in law in the UK.  Anyone who would like to work within the judicial system can become a solicitor, barrister, judge or magistrate.   In the administrative sector, the job of legal secretary has always been among my top 3 choices.  One that doesn’t get any press but is just as absorbing and certainly as important, is that of PSS to the Judiciary.  That in English is private, personal secretary to the Judges in a particular division or area.  I have experience in this very role and it was very busy for the first time in my working career, I was held in great esteem by colleagues and seniors.  Amazingly I was treated very well, always with respect and if one of the junior staff had any query about a member of the judicial circuit, they came to me for info and advice on how to proceed if they felt they had misunderstood a direction.  After many years of what seemed interesting secretarial work, they paled into insignificance once I took up what turned out to be my happiest and last working role.

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