Hopping From History Buff To Legal Eagle

Hopping From History Buff To Legal Eagle

When someone starts out at university, they have ideas of what they want to achieve once they get that much desired degree.  More often than not though they only have the vaguest notion of what to do next.  The world of work becomes a reality and it’s not always easy to find employment that actually uses the degree at all.  I can think of several under graduates who have secured even a fantastic 1:1 but not really used.  One chap had done a 4 year spanish course – he spent a whole year in the country on a work placement to enhance the spoken language.  He now works in a bank in our local high street.   Others realise during the first year they’ve chosen the wrong degree course and change horses – one very successful solicitor did just that – swapping from history to law.  Very happy she is too as a solicitor specialising in employment law.  Taking law opens up many career opportunities.

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