Be Prepared To Grab Opportunistic Law Openings

Be Prepared To Grab Opportunistic Law Openings

When you’ve gone through university or law school, done all that study, completed and handed in the work and sat those finals . . . .  it is hoped you will already h ave had some work experience out in the field of  your chosen discipline.     The time to start looking for employment is well before the end of those studies.   Getting in at a really good law firm is critical and can be aided by taking a post as a free internee to see what the real world of law is like.  The most successful students and internees get marked out for discussion by the elders and professional colleagues.   Showing a talent in any sector will stand a possible pupil in good stead and as in previous years, the two most popular specialisms remain commercial litigation and corporate law.  As is often the case NQ vacancies are so often filled by a law firm’s own trainee force and openings rarely get advertised.    Being in the right place, at the right time and being absolutely prepared for interiews or off the cuff ‘coffee machine’ chats.

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