Prenups Are Not All Powerful Bargaining Chips

Prenups Are Not All Powerful Bargaining Chips

In the celebrity press, all those magazines and publications that follow all the luvvies of the world, there is much talk about ‘pre-nups’ amid talks of marriage between someone or other.  There have been such agreements between top brass families for centuries but it is a modern phenonamon in the glitzy world.   It has to be said that although the UK court system will recognise prenuptial agreements, they have the power to and often do, veto any element within a prenup if it could be deemed to be unfair or could pose discrimination towards any children.    There are sokme obvious issues that normal folk would probably never think of as bargaining chips but amazingly, these have cropped up and been rejected – child custodu agreements and visitation rights;  religious upbringing and schooling and the thorny issue of child support arrangements.  Having said all rthat, if these issues are considered to need written ‘rules’ before the marriage commences, it’s possible the couple may not be as well matched as they like to think!

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