Following The Legal Ins & Outs Of A Crims Case

Following The Legal Ins & Outs Of A Crims Case

There are programmes on all kinds of subjects these days – I don’t mean the usual soap opera or reality tv stuff. It is true that I like one or two police dramas – but mostly the lighter hearted ones without any obvious gory violence. I prefer to know they’re investigating something that happened but not have the detail on screen. My greater joy though is to watch documentaries that involve law; the court system; investigations; spy tales etc. I’m one that likes to know the perpertrator has been banged up for his crime and what we’re seeing is either a reconstruction or the actual investigation as it takes place, leading up to the day in court. There is a satisfaction to be had in seeing justice, however slow and irritatingly bound up, does actually catch up with some of the oiks in this world!

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