Looking Back To Less Crime Ridden Days Of Yore

Looking Back To Less Crime Ridden Days Of Yore

Those of a certain age, constantly look back over life, recalling how we remember our younger days. This often rose tinted self indulgence, we see what believe to be a more honest, harder working world. It’s certainly true that younger folk were more polite to their elders – no disrespect towards teachers or authority, on the scale we see today. There were boundaries and clear parameters in most families. This must be because we had proper punishments. Capital for the most serious crime of murder and treason and life sentences for other truly horrendous offences. Being allowed to, or actually, more likely made to go out and play did not bring with it a whole host of health and safety considerations. We had the words No and Don’t … drummed into us early on for personal safety but also to teach us not to touch, disturb or otherwise interfere with anyone else’s property or goods. I would never dream of stealing or damaging anything of anyone else’s; Respect for ourselves and everyone else is probably the number one way of trying to wrestle back this world of far less crime and appalling behaviour we are engulfed in today. A legal career these days is certainly more challenging than years ago but it needs more robust characters to bring back common sense through the legal system!

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