Sitting Down To Thrash Out A Settlement

Sitting Down To Thrash Out A Settlement

There are always plenty of cases going through the courts at any one time in this country.   There are many stages in a case before it comes before a judge.  Often in the early stages, it will be suggestd that some negotiation between the parties might bring about a sensible outcome without the need to go as far as the court room.  Dispute Resolution is a fast moving system that tries to bring the parties together.  In fact there is just such a system in place within employment law.  All claims have to be sent via the  arbitration and conciliation service as a matter of cource;  any that are found not to have gone that route are discharged as inellible to proceed.  The conciliation service get all parties to the case round the table and try thrashing out the bones of the problem.  Once a settlement of matters is found, each party is encouraged to follow it through.  Anything is better than having to use up expensive and valuable court days.

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