All Change In The world Of UK Law & Justice

All Change In The world Of UK Law & Justice

With the finalising of the brexit agreements at the end of 2020 which covered trade deals for goods going out and coming in to UK, it sounded as if the whole of the breit business was doen and dusted.  Of course, this is very far from reality.   Ther is the meaty matter of justice and the law.  The UK has one of the most famous and well regared legal systems in the entire world and in fact we have been at the forefront of developing countries basing heir legal systems on the UK model.  It is based on fairness and no corruption.  That’s not something you can say about many countries these days.  Jobs in our legal system vary greatly.  Not everyone wishes to be a solicitor or barrister.  Certainly not many reach the greatness of a court judge.  There are thousands of other posts in the world of legal offices and the provision of justice.  Whatever happens post brexit, these will still be needed.

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