So Many Different Legal Roles Within Corporations & Institutions

So Many Different Legal Roles Within Corporations & Institutions

There are many different legal jobs out there these days.  They do not all require full solicitor training but the majority of the very well paid permanent placements do need higher level for counsel training contract.  To give an idea, the basic pay in London for that description is £100-£140K with bonus and benfits package added on.  For this one would expect to work in two distinct areas – Corporate and Commercial which would include reorganisations, contracts with vendors, employees and other third parties;  data protection issues;  Employment issues and regulatory compliance.    Whereas the Fundraising side of a corporation would involve structuring funds to address tax, legal & regulatory concerns;  preparing offering and contstitutional documents;  negotiating placement agent and distribution agreements  and any other ancillary agreement work.    So an in-house counsel for a multi global corporation will really have their work cut out on a day to day basis.  In the huge  world of a commercial barrister, there is no end to the litigious functions over a wide range of contentious, advisory and transactional IP work rolling in.

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