Barristers’ Clerk – A Worthy Service Provider

Barristers’ Clerk – A Worthy Service Provider

These days it is much easier to get information about particular careers.  Take the legal profession fir example, we know there are solicitors, lawyers and barristers.  Then above these are the judges.  Many layers of these exist too. But there are lots of other careers for those with less lofty ambitions.  A barristers’ clerk for example is a very busy and much respected role.  In fact they do still rule the roost in Chambers, dealing with the essential administration and organisatin of barristers’ workloads.  There are fee paid and employed (partners) within chambers and their cases come to them via the barristers’ clerk.  Who, of a certain age, can forget ‘Enry, the affable and much lamented barristers’ clerk from Rumpole Of The Bailey tv series! But jesting aside, you can get into this line of work via university or college or through working towards the role in the industry and of course, an apprenticeship can be obtained.   A diploma Level 3 in Providing Legal Services would be an excellent preparatory route.

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