Fluffy Feminine Roles A Thing Of The Past

Fluffy Feminine Roles A Thing Of The Past

These last few weeks whilst it’s been a damp and miserable winter, I’ve been inclined to stay put indoors a bit more than usual.  I’ve immersed myself in hours of watching old detective shows from the best of commercial television.  The ludicrous story lines are only watchable because of the fantastic level of acting by the main set.  There’s always the dependable chief inspector who plods around like a junior at times – perhaps all police inspectors in the ’20s were male and plodders.  Then we see a court room with the male judiciary and legal eagles plus the jury of 12 good men and true . . . not many women feature here either.  We do see women – in the frilly roles as secretaries and housekeepers.  So different today in the world of crime solving and punishment.  There are more women solicitors than men and things are beginning to even out with being called to the bar.  Getting the right qualifications and training to be absolutely anything we want to be is as available to women as men but they need the burning desire to succeed!

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