05 Aug

Knowing Our Place In The Working World

I was out recently with a chum who I’ve known for many years – we volunteered together as school governors, after our children had moved on up the system, bringing independent and unbiased common sense to an often fraught and self interested set comittees.  There is a problem with governors selected from too many parents of current children – they can’t always see past their own expectations and desires to get to the bigger picture.  This is something young folk must practice – learning everything they can in each post, as it will lead to bigger things later.  This pal’s daughter has just taken up a post as a project manager in a government department – she had risen through from junior to senior team leader outside in the real world and never expected to join the establishment.   But this new post offers much more responsibility and future prospects, with excellent pension and other benefits.

25 Jul

Late Career Change Offers Exciting Challenges

One of the things that I never expected when I took a job as a ‘pin money’ little number to fill in until retirement, was how many different avenues it would open up.  I had been in normal private industry all my working life, never exposed to the ways of working of public bodies.  There was never any unions involved in our firm.  I didn’t know it then of course, but our boss was breaking every rule in the book.  But because we were a happy band of boys and girls, no one ever felt the need for recourse in any action against the firm.   Then after that disbanded, I found my little post within the legal side of a government department.   This eventually led to my using my best skills – being a private secretary, with the needs of the judiciary.  I loved the responsibility and the challenges. If only I’d known about it years before!

18 Jun

Beefing Up Voting Laws To Protect From Rigging

Years ago I was in a union – as were most of my colleagues.  Only twice did things get strike action actually get balloted and called.  The first time I did take part, armed with placard and flyers.  I felt self conscious outside the court and one or two lay members with whom I’d previously been on good terms were really amazed and upset to see me join colleagues.  We won the point of issue and everything eventually settled down and good working relationships resumed.  The second time I did not strike as I fel the union had massaged the voting results to call the strike.  In fact only 35% of the total union membership had cast votes with 52% of those voting for strike action.  Out of possible 275,000 members, less than 46,000 had voted yes.   The law changed after that to set a minimum number of votes being cast to be considered a valid ballot.  Law working as it should.

22 May

Beautiful New Combined Court Attracts Top Staff

On a day trip to Cambridge city centre recently, I was sturck by how attractive the newly opened combined court house is.   It was opened as a working court only two or three years ago and it placed right slap bang in the middle of the very attractive new shopping mall.  Such an ingenious idea.  Although it must be pretty disracting during a high level cases, thinkig about all the fantastic shopping experiences to be had in breaktimes.  We usually hated adjournments because they disruped programes but those shops and apartments would definitely offset that.  There must be a queue of folk wanting to be recruited to the combined court – be it ushers, court managers, paper keepers and case officers.  What a delight to be able to go to work every day in such an inspring and uplifting building.   Judges and the judiciary of course cannot pick and choose – they go where they are sent!

17 Apr

Ever Increasing Dispute Resolution Skills Needed

I was in my local high street the other day, mindlessly glancing in all the shop windows.  Passing a well known and obviously busy, prosperous legal firm, I was intrigued to see a touch screen had recently been planted in their front window.  It invited passers-by to tap on an icon to read up what that firm could offer in terms of legal cover.   I was even more astonished to see the massive range of topics that can be taken to a court of law these days.  At one time your local solicitor would handle divorces (discretion assured), house conveyancing, probate and advice on other issues.  Today that very same local family solitor has had to join a massive multi partner operation who can offer specialisms in Employment & Arbitration, Travel Recovery, Motoring,  Domestic and Family Dispute Resolution, Corporation Dispute Resolution – all this on top of the original conveyancing, family will writing, divorce  and ordinary crime!

18 Mar

Pride In Justice System Despite Challenges

There are times when we seem to have a really bad reputation in the way we care for immigrants, or assylum seekers.  There have been so many instances when groups of desperate folks from war torn countries try to get to our shores as a recognised place of safety, only to be intercepted enroute and thrown into what seem to be harsh detention centres whilst the authorities sort out their cases.  There being so many of them now, this part is taking much longer than anyone intended or would really condone.  The areas I have lived in have always felt safe and comforting for me;  being born many years after the end of WW2, I have not felt the prejudice that many others say have blighted their lives.   I have however worked for the ministry that oversees justice and feel proud to have served what is still a pretty fair system, despite the challenges it faces.

13 Feb

Knowing What Legal Advice You Need Can Be Baffling

When you have any kind of dispute, be it with your employer, a neighbour, a driver after a motoring mishap, there will more often than not come a form of court case – there are various stages of ediation offered in some heads of claim and dispute resolution for others.   The world of law is very complex and without correct legal advice up front, it is possible to get into a dreadful tangle.  One of the first questions for any claimant in an employment tribunal would be whether they have household content insurance, if so, that could well include an element for legal cover.  This is reassuring as it means a claim can be given legal consideration once the parameters are sorted out.   Getting the right advice is critical and knowing where to find it even more so.  For uninsured claims, then sourcing online and speaking to a company can help you decide if you want to pursue a claim.

05 Jan

County Curtain Twitchers Act On Evidence Seen

I  have had a great Christmas.  I stayed with family friends and they live in the middle of nowhere – literally.  There we were, toasty warm in their gorgeous country cottage, only going out for walk if there was a doggy companion jining in.  In the village where everyone knows absolutely everyone, it is interesting to see the curtains twitch if a visitor goes out walking without any of the host family.  This can be quite a good thing in many ways though because if the twitchers are as observant regarding the ‘foreigners’ clothing and gear, as they are about his prescence, then if a crime is committed, at least someone should be able to describe the stranger to the police.  Any evidence is needed for all crimes, but in the country, it takes so long for soco to attend, memories start to fade or drift into one another.

11 Dec

Solicitors & Barristers Need Career Focused Updates

There is such a wonderful wide range of disciplines in the world of legal work, it amazes me when young folk used to come to work near me and they had just studied Law.  Such a small word and yet it covers such a huge area.  There cannot be anyone in this country who has at some time or another needed to consult a solicitor or legal team about something that has caused them massive headache and sleepless nights.  Be it an employment issue that needs ironing out, or perhaps a car accident that wasn’t your fault.  All these things need the expert knowledge of a solicitor and if anything is pursued to court, then a barrister will be needed also.  This is where their very best initial training and then follow up career focused courses ensure that we, Joe and Jo Public, get the very best legal advice that can be obtained – at least within our price bracket!

09 Nov

Keeping QC In The Family Career Plan

I have a young family next to me – the children are delightful.  Inquisitive, confident, able to hold a proper conversation and a willingness to answer a question without hesitating or stuttering.   It is  plain to see that both children have had lots of quality time lavished on them for reading, talking, and arguing for a cause!  I don’t think either of these children will be bullied at school by other children and certainly not by any teacher !    When I asked the elder child what she thought she might like to do after school, she said immediately QC.  The only QC I know is Queen’s Counsel, so I asked how she came to think this was her calling.  It turns out she has an aunt on her mum’s side who is just such a person and they are all understandably proud of this.  An unusual role model for her young niece and nephew but such a change from being a popster wannabee!