14 May

Supreme Knowledge Is Appealing For Careers

For anyone who has set their mind to a legal career, kowing the various layers of the judicial system is

09 Apr

Be Prepared To Grab Opportunistic Law Openings

When you’ve gone through university or law school, done all that study, completed and handed in the work and sat

11 Feb

Adding Arbitrator To Careers With Law Degree

When we go through upper or senior school, we are asked many times, ‘what do you want to do when

20 Jan

Family Law Needs New Bloodstock To Train

We are now living in a very agressively litigant world and it seems very much the norm for folks to

30 Dec

Fluffy Feminine Roles A Thing Of The Past

These last few weeks whilst it’s been a damp and miserable winter, I’ve been inclined to stay put indoors a

14 Nov

Legal Changes Bring Challenges to Society

There is much change around the corner for our legal system if we do finally break from the EU. Our

16 Oct

Being Royal – A Job Above The Rest

There are many stories floating about at the moment – mostly gossipy celebrity stuff. The royal family, especially the younger

12 Sep

Pre Unuvesity Preparation Still Essential

There are lots of families in my immediate area – most of the children go to the clutch of state

12 Aug

Looking Back To Less Crime Ridden Days Of Yore

Those of a certain age, constantly look back over life, recalling how we remember our younger days. This often rose

15 Jul

Getting The Right Branch Of Legal Assistance

In the legal profession there are many and varied careers – not all of them are obvious to start off